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Man, time has gone by like a whatchamacallit, when things need to be written and posted

I almost forgot, these were at the semi-top of the list.

Just in time for HALLOWEEN, the latest in horror films for your pleasure

No excuses. I spent more time watching movies that I forgot to put up my latest picks

It's Emmy night, and I saved this review entry for it.

Excited about these reviews

Keeping up with your desires.

Animation titles I forgot to put up

Got these movies for you

Forgot to to give you these reviews earlier this week.

Film reviews for this week of 201805.18

Oscar favorites and 2 new ones for ya.

Film reviews for the middle of March

new condensed version 3.0.

Sequels to do.

FILM: Daddy's Home 2 (2017, Comedy)

FILM: Bad Moms Christmas (2017, Adventure, Comedy)

FILM: Bad Moms (2016, Comedy, Drama)

Happy January.

FILM: Everybody wants Some!! (2016, Comedy)

FILM: American Made (2017, Action Adventure, Comedy, Biography)

FILM: American Assassin (2017, Action, Adventure, Drama)

FILM: Deepwater Horizon (2016, Action, Real Life Drama, Thriller)

FILM: Logan Lucky (2017, Comedy, Crime, Little Action)

Happy New Year

FILM: Jungle (2017, Adventure, Biography, Drama)

FILM: Stronger (2017, Biography, Drama)

FILM: Detroit (2017, Biographical, Crime, Drama)

FILM: I, Tonya (2017, Biography, Comedy, Drama)

FILM: Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017, Crime, Drama)

FILM: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017, Crime, Drama)