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Forgot to to give you these reviews earlier this week.

Wow, I almost forgot to give you these film reviews. Between searching for another part time job and sleeping before going to my Graveyard position. Sometimes, I forget to read and write. Well, in this list are films I wanted to see in 2017, and threw in 2016 movie that was critically acclaimed. Enjoy. Now go see a movie!

FILM: Deep Blue Sea 2 (2018, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fy)
Horrific waste. Terrible.

FILM: Acts of Violence (2018, Action, Crime)
Unexpectedly decent. Far-fetched.

FILM: Roxanne, Roxanne (2017, Biographical, Drama)
Devastating. Sad. Talented.

FILM: The Foreigner (2017, Action, Crime, Drama)
Predictable. BEST Chan.

FILM: Hell or High Water (2016, Crime, Drama, Thriller)
Ingenious bank robberies.

FILM: Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017, Crime, Drama, Thriller)
Brutal. Coarse. Damn.

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